The Ford Motor Company – Then, Now and in the Future

If you are a car aficionado, there is likely at least one Ford vehicle that makes your heart go pitter-patter. Even if you prefer Pontiac or Chevrolet vehicles, no car lover would pass up an opportunity to own a Shelby Mustang GT500 or other classics that Ford has produced. For those that are big fans of Ford Motor Company, there are plenty of cars, trucks and even tractors for you to select from when looking for a new automobile or piece of farm equipment. Still, what do you really know about Ford Motor Company? You may be surprised by what you have to learn about this American automobile manufacturer.

The Rise of the Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company has a long and interesting history that dates back to 1903. Since a 40-year-old Henry Ford first launched the company with only $28,000 that he received from twelve different investors, the company has grown into a juggernaut within the automotive industry. In fact, with a net income of $2.723 billion in 2007 and reported total assets of $279.264 billion that same year, the company is ranked third among U.S. automakers. While General Motors and Toyota have taken the first and second place spots, Ford had five vehicles rank at the top of the list on J.D. Power and Associates’ quality survey listings. Another fourteen of Ford’s vehicles ranked in the top three of the listings, making it the automaker with the most awards on the coveted list.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that two of the twelve people that invested in Ford’s new company were John and Horace Dodge, who later went on to form what is now known as the Dodge motor company.

During is early years, the Ford Motor Company only produced a few cars each day. In a factory located in Detroit, Michigan, groups of two or three men put together the vehicles after receiving the necessary components from other companies. Ford later introduced assembly lines to his factories and utilized mass production strategies in order to speed up production of his automobiles. He also paid his workers high wages and was one of only a few companies that managed to survive through the Great Depression.

The Ford Motor Company Today

Although it has been over 100 years since Henry Ford first opened the doors to the Ford Motor Company, the company is still family owned and continues to produce vehicles under the Ford name. It does, however, manufacture vehicles under other names as well. In the United States, for example, Ford products are also manufactured under the Lincoln and Mercury names. The company does not operate in only the United States, however, as it has major manufacturing operations in a number of other countries. These include:

– Argentina
– Australia
– Brazil
– Canada
– Germany
– Mexico
– People’s Republic of China
– South Africa
– Turkey
– United Kingdom

Ford has also owned a number of other brands of vehicles in the past. For example, it purchased Aston Martin in 1989, but later sold it in 2007 while retaining a $77 million stake in the brand. The company also purchased Volvo Cars in 1989 as well as 33.4% controlling shares in Mazda. Ford also previously owned Land Rover and Jaguar, but sold both of them to Tata Motors in 2008.

In addition to manufacturing vehicles and tractors, the Ford Motor Company also sells aftermarket parts under the name of Motorcraft and has a parts division called Visteon. The company also provides automotive financing to car buyers through its Ford Motor Credit Company.

The Future of the Ford Motor Company

On January 23, 2006, the Ford Motor Company unveiled its The Way Forward plan. The plan provided details regarding precisely what the company planned to do in order to become profitable once more, which was a concern that had plagued the company for over a year as gas prices soared and consumers started losing interest in purchasing their large, gas guzzling vehicles. As part of the plan, fourteen factories were closed and 30,000 people lost their jobs.

The company now plans to invest in new products that will allow it to better compete in the marketplace, which includes developing more crossover SUVs, hybrid vehicles, and compact cars. Therefore, those that love Ford vehicles can expect to see a lot of new and exciting developments on the horizon.

A Short History of Auto Manufacturer Chevrolet

A Short History of Auto Manufacturer Chevrolet

Every vehicle, car or truck or van, goes back to the original Ford and the Model T. But that’s about where the similarities end. Past the Model T, different car companies emerged, and car designs and engine components changed forever. The Chevrolet car company is no different.

Chevrolet, also called Chevy, was created in 1911 in Michigan. The primary focus of this business was to be on the cutting edge of technology, producing such marvels as the copper-cooled engine (which ultimately failed).

Chevy didn’t remain independent for long, however, and after controlling 54 percent of the stock of GM (General Motors), they bought out the rest of the stock. In response, a year later in 1916 GM bought the operating assets of Chevrolet, effectively forming a conglomerate.

Chevy is not an entirely American made car. Many parts are made overseas in response to the high corporate taxes faced in America. Shipping jobs overseas allows Chevy to avoid many of those taxes and keep cars affordable.

Chevy has been known for some of the most memorable vehicles produced. Such vehicles include the Corvette, one of the most well-known vehicles sold in America.

Many of Chevy’s vehicles and manufacturing branches are based in Australia, where the company has a firm grip on the motor vehicle company through its innovative designs and engines.

As many as 1 in 10 cars sold in the world are Chevy’s, and with that kind of popularity and fame, it’s no wonder Chevrolet has stayed on top in both history and in the present car sales.

A Short History of Auto Manufacturer Chevrolet

The Story of Dodge and the Significance of Car Reviews

In the year 1769, Nicholas Jose Cugnot conceived the very first self-propelled street automobile. Ever since that year, the creation and also advancement involving a lot more autos elevated. In 1862, Frenchman Etienne Lenoir got his initial functional petrol motor branded and he made use of in driving an automobile starting from Paris, France to Joinville. Then the first-ever gasoline-powered vehicle was created in 1893 by Charles Duryea and Joe Duryea.As the years go by, inventors usually have the particular skill to enhance what is presently available and the enthusiasm that these inventors have for brand new solutions and procedures is something that still exists at present. Currently, automobiles created annually features its own advantages and disadvantages. Every automobile features its own capabilities which make it stay ahead from others. For this reason, reading through car reviews is very convenient throughout selecting the right auto which could meet your requirements along with your way of life.One of the most effective autos ever before created could be the so-called “Dodge,” a US-based label of autos, sport utility automobiles as well as minivans. It had been put together and sold by Chrysler Group LLC in around sixty nations around the world, which includes Canada where Edmonton Dodge is widely known.

Here’s a fascinating truth. Within Canada, Dodge vehicles underwent the entire process of removal when some Dodge brands ended up being offered under Chrysler labels in 1988. Then the time when the particular Chrysler name grew weaker came. That was in 2003 and at that same time, a renewed Dodge model, the Dodge Neon, was launched in the Canadian market as Dodge SX 2.0. The result was favorable as Dodge was able to get back its share in the market. Subsequent Dodge car versions had since been placed available for sale under its own Dodge name.

Now, because of the huge number of brand-new Dodge versions, it is challenging to pick which auto shall be purchased since every product features distinctive capabilities driving them to much better than other versions. It is here where the role of the comments given by car enthusiasts and also current car users comes to play. Each time a brand-new auto is released, car enthusiasts remember to assess these new models, take note of their conclusions and advice and share them to the buying public.

Likewise, several buyers don’t only acquire automobiles. They reveal their particular activities with all the vehicle by means of vehicle testimonials so as to aid additional buyers to make his or her selection. Isn’t this brilliant? Obviously, simply because via these folks, the buying public becomes aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular automobile although they have never seen them before or they never ordered for them.

One other issue which Dodge consumers generally come across is actually selecting the dealer that will present them what they really want. You will find countless retailers around Canada. In fact, within Edmonton alone, ten Edmonton Dodge sellers where you can purchase Dodge cars from exist..

In order for you to make your brightest choice in picking the actual Dodge dealer to get your perfect Dodge, here’s a brilliant thing to do. Go over auto critiques along with consumers’ testimonials. Reading through these is actually useful when you are coming up with your selections. These kinds of critiques and also testimonials will advise you just how retailers serves their customers, how accurate are their own adverts, and just how fantastic their particular automobiles tend to be. I’m confident that these kinds of data will assist you in dealing with whatever predicament you currently have.

Deciding on the best car and also the correct Edmonton Dodge dealer will be as essential as any decision you’re making. Consequently don’t become a rash customer. Make time to study critiques and also consumers’ testimonies so that you won’t soon be disappointed on whatever choice you make. Keep in mind, the price of any regretful determination may be substantial however the finest choice usually offers achievement.

Chevrolet Auto Trends: Small Cars

The Chevrolet brand accounts for more than two-thirds of all G.M. sales in the United States. Although GMC, Buick and Cadillac are important to this automaker, Chevrolet’s position in the market is critical to GM’s success.

Larger Vehicles

Chevrolet has long been known as a maker of large trucks and SUVs including the Silverado and Tahoe as well as performance cars such as the Corvette and Camaro. However, consumers are flocking to smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles, with Chevrolet changing its line up accordingly.

The trend for Chevrolet is to continue with its larger vehicles and performance cars, but also to expand its line up of small cars. At present, the Cruze compact and Sonic subcompact are its two main sellers in the small car market. However, changes are underfoot for GM to expand Chevrolet’s small car presence including as follows:

HHR — GM is mum on what the company will do with the Chevrolet HHR, a vehicle based on the platform underpinning the now retired Chevy Cobalt. Rumors of this vehicle’s pending demise have surfaced from time to time, but this “heritage high roof” continues to soldier on. Here is what we expect to happen: the car will be discontinued, but a new model based on the current Cruze platform will appear by 2013. That vehicle may be more crossover than MPV, slotting just below the current Equinox crossover. Look for Chevrolet to lose the HHR name as the new vehicle will incorporate modern design elements.

Spark — The Spark is on, an A-segment model that will be built in Korea and shipped to the United States beginning in 2012. This vehicle will compete with the Smart ForTwo and Scion iQ, seat four people and offer a tiny four cylinder engine. Expect sales for the first year to number in just the thousands as GM acclimates consumers to a segment that is not terribly popular. At least not yet. As far as an optional three cylinder motor being made available, a Chevy spokesman told me that it would not as “balance issues” would prevent that from happening.

Sonic MPV — Introduced in August 2011, the subcompact Chevy Sonic is a four-door sedan or hatchback that demonstrates GM’s ability to compete in the B-Segment. Competition is fierce and includes the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent and Ford Fiesta. But, there is room for additional models including those with boxy body styles along the lines of what you find with Scion, Kia and Nissan. Look for a new model to debut within the next two years, perhaps offering optional all-wheel-drive and a different name than Sonic.

Diesels — GM has confirmed that it will outfit its compact Cruze with an optional diesel engine. This is important for two reasons: the Cruze is a very popular compact car, one of the best sellers in the GM line up. A diesel gives Chevrolet an edge that no one else is exploiting by providing an important efficient engine to go with two thrifty gas saving engines. Look for this car to deliver upwards of 45 mpg on the highway, perhaps reaching 50 mpg with some drivers.

Hybrid Possibilities

Will Chevrolet gain new hybrids too? That seems likely given that its eAssist hybrid system will be introduced to the Malibu beginning in 2012. That vehicle is expected to get 38 mpg on the highway, therefore it seems likely a version of this system will find its way into its small cars, demonstrating once again Chevy’s commitment to the A-, B- and C-segment markets.

Used Small Trucks – The Cocktail of Cars and Trucks

Small trucks for sale are considered as one of those trucks which are having smaller sizes, which are smaller than the trucks and bigger than the cars. The prime vehicles which fall in these categories are the Sport Utility Vehicles and also the Pickup trucks. Here are some of the features and specific functions of these small vehicles.

What is difference between a car and a truck?

Cars are normally the vehicles which are mainly used by the households and individuals for their personal uses and to have the traveling between two destinations. These vehicles are made of the lighter materials and are having the reasonably well structured exteriors and interiors. The interiors are created by focusing the luxuries and well furnished shows.

Trucks are the vehicles which are used for the commercial uses by the commercial truck operators. They use these trucks to serve the industries and many of the other purposes of transportation. They are the vehicles which are mainly used to transport goods and cargo from one destination to other. The trucks are made of heavier and sturdier strengthened materials which protects the trucks from any of the rough and tough handling. The exterior is not prepared by keeping the better exposure in the minds as they are not the status symbol or vehicle for the exposures. Even the luxuries are never part of these vehicles as utility is main focus while drawing the interiors.

What is a Small Truck?

Small trucks are the mid-version between cars and trucks. They are the mixture of both of these vehicles. Let’s have exact description of these trucks.

What are the uses of Small Trucks?

Small trucks are the vehicles which are bigger than the cars and smaller than the trucks. They are used for both of the purposes like to have traveling and transportation. The SUVs are mainly used for performing the purpose of traveling for personal uses of families and the Pickup trucks are mainly used for the transportation purposes of truck operators. So, despite being small trucks, both of the versions are having huge difference in nature.

Which are the main types of Small Trucks?


The Sport Utility Vehicles are one of the main types of automotive vehicles. These are the generic marketing terms and are built with light truck chassis. They are used as the four-wheel-drive and also as the off-road drives sometimes. Very few of the SUVs are having towing capacities and the greater strength of pulling heavier loads and cargo.

Pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are the leading types of Small trucks and are used widely in the industries. These are the speediest types of trucks used mainly for the purpose of transportation and to haul the loads of many of the cargo. These are the sturdiest types of exteriors and also are having huge utilities to get driven on the rough ranges like Mountains, rivers and also in the snows. None of the other trucks are having these features.

Does used small truck buying have any advantages?

Used small trucks are the best buying opportunities and also are having massive capabilities of making the truck operators enriched with the profits as with lower investments, the owners can have the larger utility functions. Thus, they are one of the most featured and searched vehicles of all.